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While some moderate Baptist churches will hire women to fill their pulpits from time to time, women are far from welcome as ministers in too many congregations – even so-called ‘moderate’ churches. […] Read More

White nationalism is a growing global phenomenon. In some countries, evangelicals have been accused of complicity. Here are 4 ways your church can take a stand against the rise of white nationalism. […] Read More

Our society has come a long way in forbidding pejorative phrases that refer to someone’s race, gender or disability. But one slur still cuts deep and is not yet banned. […] Read More

Is Rush Limbaugh’s vulgarity worse than Bill Maher’s vulgarity – or vice versa? Well-known to most are the highly offensive words that Limbaugh used to discredit female Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke. She spoke about her school’s policy on contraception, arguing that birth control ought to be part of a health insurance policy at […] Read More