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Rachel Held Evans (1981-2019) offered a prophetic voice to U.S. Christians. She clearly articulated what many have felt about church and called Christians to more faithfully follow the life and teachings of Jesus. […] Read More

Compared to older groups of adults, Christian millennials in the U.S. are most likely to say they feel called to their work and desire to use their gifts to help others, a survey found. […] Read More

While nearly all Christian millennials affirm sharing about Jesus is part of their faith, nearly half also believe it’s wrong to share with someone of a different faith in an effort to convert them. […] Read More

Instead of criticizing millennials, those of us in older generations need to learn how to span the chasm separating our generations. Here are 6 things to consider. […] Read More

Missions work. Millennials’ spiritual hunger. Diversity of congregations. These are some of the denomination’s bright lights for Lee B. Spitzer, the new general secretary of American Baptist Churches USA. Spitzer, former executive minister for American Baptist Churches in New Jersey, took office June 1. He spoke with in a new online video interview about […] Read More

We’re the smartphone, social media generation. We were raised to share our opinions, to speak our minds. By the age of 21, millions of us had significant education debt. We were taught we could be anything, anyone, we wanted to be. But that’s a lot of pressure. We don’t really know what we want. So […] Read More

There will soon be a paradigm shift as Millennials begin stepping into leadership roles in every organization including churches. Many of us currently in church leadership were trained to manage organizations. Millennials will not be content to manage. They want to lead. They want to make a difference. According to a study reported in a […] Read More

Hardly a week goes by without someone posting an article or blog about reaching Millennials for the church, even though the real challenge may well be the Internet generation – the next wave on the scene. We recognize that younger generations have their own distinctive interests, values and styles. The face of the young adult […] Read More

Regular Bible reading contributes to political civility and meaningful living, according to a majority of U.S. adults in an American Bible Society/Barna Group survey. Fifty-one percent of Americans said regular Bible reading would improve civility in politics and 53 percent felt this practice would help politicians to lead more effectively, while 66 percent said the […] Read More

My generation (I’m a Millennial) used to ask, “What would we have done during Nazi domination?” In some ways, the question is no longer theoretical. The so-called Islamic State has come to represent a new threat to global security. ISIS has captured the attention of us all. From domestic fears of rogue terrorism to toppling […] Read More