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Mike Parnell

Many people, especially young adults, claim to have no religious affiliation, but pop culture features Jesus’ story in three comic books, illustrating that what Jesus taught and stood for is still timely. […] Read More

Fred Rogers worried at the end of his life if he was a sheep. That worry was grounded in Jesus’ telling of judgment in Matthew 25 where he speaks of the judgment as being the separation of the sheep from the goats. The sheep were the ones who would enter into the kingdom prepared for […] Read More


Change is a dangerous thing. Rapid change is more dangerous because you cannot easily account for what is taking place. “Annihilation” is a movie about change. It is about rapid change taking place on a coastline somewhere in the southern United States. The area where the change is taking place is called “Area X.” It […] Read More

‘Darkest Hour’

The narrative of history provides many a story worthy of capture on film. It is a rare narrative moment that provides for two stories to be placed on the screen, but the events of May 8 to June 4 in 1940 have yielded two best-picture nominees. Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” tells the story of what happened […] Read More

It is hard to describe “The Shape of Water.” On one level, it is a horror movie, with a character that looks like the Gill Man from those “Creature from the Black Lagoon” movies. Then it looks like a fable about a scrub woman, a la Cinderella, who moves through the paces of her life […] Read More


A first word: This movie is not like how it is advertised. It looks like a comedy, but the comedic elements are really more of the dark variety. You may have seen the trailer for this film and thought, “Oh, milk chocolate.” But what you get is dark chocolate, and dark chocolate is an acquired […] Read More

‘Lady Bird’

A college class on the psychology of family taught me a parent often has more trouble with a child of their gender. That dynamic is clearly on display in the wonderful movie, “Lady Bird.” The title refers to the name that Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) gives herself because she does not like her given name. […] Read More


A slogan for a popular bathroom cleaner says, “We work hard so you don’t have to.” That applies to what I do as a movie reviewer. I go to movies so you don’t have to. “Mother!” is one of those movies. It’s weird, disturbing, gross and hard to stomach. I found something more, but it’s […] Read More

‘All Saints’

I am not a fan of “Christian” movies. Movies that have the pedigree of being focused on faith or Christianity turn me off. There is a sense within them that does not ring true with me. However, I found one that I have to say that I liked. “All Saints” is the true story about […] Read More


“Detroit” may have moved out of your local Cineplex, but I cannot think of a timelier movie. With all the talk and action around the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, “Detroit” can act as a primer to help whites understand some of the anger that people of color are showing. The movie is set in 1967, […] Read More