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Miguel De La Torre

For the last few weeks, I have been teaching a class at the IndonesianConsortiumforReligiousStudies as a Fulbright scholar on the Gadjah Mada University campus. The vast majority of my class is Muslim. The class I am leading is on the discipline of post-colonialism, specifically the impact of the Christian missionary venture upon the people.  For the […] Read More

There are times when our technology advances faster than our ability to contemplate the ethical use or misuse of the latest gadget. When we fail to seriously consider the ethical ramifications of employing new hardware, especially when it is military hardware, we run the risk of setting a precedent that may very well create a […] Read More

Fundamentalists always concern me – and I’m not simply thinking about the Christian fundamentalists – so do Jewish, Muslim and any other type of religious fundamentalist.  Historically, much of the world’s blood was shed by believers protecting the faith from either so-called heathens or other religious zealots. Similar to the religious fundamentalists are the atheist […] Read More

You must watch the disturbing two-and-a-half minute video showing a dozen Border Patrol agents beating a Hispanic to death. This is not one unfortunate incident perpetrated by rogue enforcement agents, but rather, a systematic institutionalized mindset that is bringing death to brown-skinned people from Mexico and Central America.  Not since the days of the Jim […] Read More

All have faced, or will face, tragedy, misery, illness and death. Events will occur that appear unfair, leading most of us to question if any sense of cosmic justice and mercy truly exists. Natural disasters will claim thousands of lives, and the victims will include the innocent. Many have referred to this dilemma as the […] Read More

My students and I were sitting on a dirt-floor hut in a squatter village on the outskirts of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Joining me were mostly white, economically privileged students who sought to learn about God from the poor. Our “teacher” was an illiterate mestiza who was patiently answering our questions (with me serving as translator). We asked […] Read More

Higher education in the United States is radically being changed to the detriment of humanity.  As we teeter toward the abyss of a new dark age, politicians like former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum take great pride in leading the way toward a phony theology of unscientific superstition. Stroking the flames of anti-intellectualism, college-educated Santorum accused […] Read More

Are my books banned in Arizona? Arizona school districts that are largely comprised of Mexican-Americans have been forcedtoeliminate ethnic-studies programs because they are allegedly un-American, apparently teaching hatred and ethnic unrest. To facilitate the process, the Tucson Unified School District released the titles of its banned books to avoid “biased, political and emotionally charged” teaching. […] Read More

Ever heard of Operation Streamline?  The clanking of shackles, reminiscent of the old chain gangs of Jim Crow’s South, is the first thing one notices when entering the William D. Browning Special Proceeding Courtroom in Tucson’s U.S. District Court. On a recent Thursday afternoon, 64 brown men and three brown women, mostly in their teens […] Read More

Our currently dysfunctional immigration system will not change anytime soon because detaining the undocumented is a billion-dollar industry. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detains close to half a million undocumented aliens – a five-fold increase since 1994.  This rapid increase can best be measured by looking at the “custody” line of the federal budget, which […] Read More