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Miguel A. De La Torre

Conservatives question my salvation, while liberals question my intelligence. This is what it means to be a Latino or Latina who insists on understanding reality from their social location; of reading the Bible with their own eyes; of doing ethics from the margins of society. Because many Hispanics experience the presence of the Divine in […] Read More

The problem with melting pots is that the scum usually rises to the top while those on the bottom get burned. This happens because the melting pot paradigm reinforces oppressive structures presently existing within society while blaming the victims of those structures for their own oppression. In effect, those with power and privilege are able […] Read More

One of the joys of living in Miami is crabbing. As a young girl, my wife would go to the beach to hunt crabs, placing her prey in a bucket. Later at home, her abuela would prepare them for dinner. However, on the way home she had to keep an eye on the bucket, lest […] Read More

I must have been about three years old when this image was burned into my mind, and probably it will be the last thing I recall when I lay on my death bed as an old man. The ceiling was moving. As I focused on what was causing this illusion, I noticed that it wasn’t […] Read More

How do you say “thank you” in Spanish? Appointing a few brown faces to your cabinet or to the Supreme Court is not the answer. We should not feel gratitude for something that should be the norm. You say thank you by not ignoring the number one reason we went out to the polls and […] Read More

Migrants are easy targets on both sides of the borders. Not since the days of Jane and Jim Crow has the U.S. government had a policy in place that systemically brought death to a group of people based on their race or ethnicity. Our deterrent policy is killing Hispanics. In conducting research for a book […] Read More