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Michael Shaw

Far too many Christians consider environmental concerns a side issue that is irrelevant to salvation, a matter for pagans and tree huggers. The church has abandoned its prophetic task, and scientists have filled in the gap. […] Read More

While many Christians have a heart for the poor and are happy to give money to projects or to volunteer, not many are prepared to live among them. Here are 2 reasons why it’s imperative. […] Read More

Modern worship songs are often an easy target for critique. Particularly those that make Jesus into your best friend, those that make no theological sense, those that could be sung by people of any faith, and those that are great songs but are not congregational. Yet, my problem is more fundamental than that. In Amos […] Read More

I arrived at university 25 years ago as a young, fresh, undergraduate who thought the best way to witness to Jesus was to make him cool by being cool myself. I am not sure how I thought this tactic would work, as I was (and still am) a cricket-loving folkie, with a poor sense of […] Read More

I have recently started re-reading Leviticus. You enter into a strange world, an alien culture of sacrifice. ¨It is hard not only getting your head around the ritual, but also trying to understand how any of this could be relevant to anyone in our culture. After spending a few days in chapters one to seven, […] Read More