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Michael Parnell

One thing you learn in the wild is to avoid a mother bear and her cubs. That mother bear will do anything necessary to keep those cubs safe. “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri” presents a human mother bear who is doing anything necessary because one of her cubs was violated. The mother is Mildred […] Read More

‘Blade Runner 2049’

Sometimes, it takes more than one viewing to truly appreciate and understand a movie. You have to sit through more than one showing and see things you did not see before. It also allows you to come away with a greater appreciation of the film. “Blade Runner 2049” is one of those movies. I saw […] Read More

The concept of “spiritual but not religious” arises in nearly every conversation about faith these days. While watching “Same Kind of Different as Me,” I got the feeling that is what the movie was trying to be. The movie tells the story of an art dealer connecting to a homeless man. Based on the true […] Read More