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More churches calling younger clergy to serve as lead pastors. As a result, these younger leaders don’t carry much of the same baggage as their older counterparts. Here are 4 ways that helps their churches. […] Read More

I registered for a class called “The History of Women in Preaching” during my second semester at Beeson Divinity School. I took the course out of sheer curiosity; at the age of 35, as a life-long Baptist, I had never heard a woman preach. Was there really a history of women in preaching? If you […] Read More

It is something most ministers want. And it can feel impossible to find. Yet seeking pastoral wisdom is vital for the work of the church and for leading people of faith. Becoming pastorally wise is what I call a “big squishy goal,” or as one of my students put it, “a big scary goal.” She’s […] Read More

I’m hopeful that the days of expecting a congregation’s ministry staff to do everything are coming to an end. Volunteers in the congregation are more willing to take on roles within the church, especially when they are encouraged to do so. So, how can a church leader ensure that all the gifts of the congregation […] Read More

The process for supplying ministerial leaders used to go something like this: Churches nurtured young people who “responded to the call to ministry.” After the candidates completed college, the church sent them on to the denominational seminary, which not only taught denominational doctrine but also were funded by the denomination to do so. When the […] Read More

Twenty-nine parents from Manuel Jara Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas, set aside time for 11 weeks this spring to learn tools, skills and confidence to raise healthy, caring and responsible children. A graduation ceremony was held on April 30 to recognize the achievement of the parents. Many officials from the city council, county and […] Read More

Several weeks ago, the accompanist at the church I pastor preached on using our gifts to join creation’s praise to God.  He told a story of how his grandfather hummed hymns around the house and farm and how that had an impact on our accompanist’s love for music. Not a day after that sermon, my […] Read More

It is public knowledge now that one of my students, Rae’Jonn Higginbottom, was arrested by Clinton Police and the FBI in connection with bomb threats that were called in on Clinton High School in Clinton, Miss. Just an hour before he was arrested, Rae’Jonn was sitting at my side doing Algebra 2, wrapping up his […] Read More

Perhaps the greatest basketball player of the 20th century returned to active duty last year as Michael Jordan decided that his desire to play the game rather than coach could not be curtailed. For years, youth growing up in America chanted, “I want to be like Mike.” Last fall, <America received another set of heroes […] Read More