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Mental Health

While churches rightly celebrate the birth of a child, they must also make space for those who suffer from postpartum mood disorders to receive support without guilt. Churches must shift how they talk about mental health. […] Read More

As parents of special-needs children, your marriage often takes an emotional beating, but know you’re not alone – even though it feels like it. No matter how loose your grip, hold on and let God do the rest. […] Read More

Parenting a child with mental health struggles is hard. One mother shares her struggle caring for her 20-year-old daughter, and the toll it’s taken on her own mental health. […] Read More

A Baptist minister overcame his struggle with anxiousness by becoming more resilient through mindfulness, making him more mindful of his mental health and of God. […] Read More

April is Autism Awareness Month. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In our house, we don’t need a designated month to make us aware. We live autism and fragile mental health 365 days a year. Out of our three children, one struggles with a variety of mental health issues and one has an autism diagnosis […] Read More

My daughter and I participated recently in a “Sleep Out” event on the grounds of St James’ Church in Piccadilly in London. The event was a fundraiser for my organization, West London Mission, a Methodist nonprofit working to address homelessness in London. It was an uplifting evening – 82 supporters gave up their beds for […] Read More

A pastor may be deeply committed, extraordinarily faithful, highly educated and extremely hard working, but for a pastor to be effective and durable, a pastor must practice healthy self-care. Self-care includes developing and maintaining good physical, spiritual and mental health practices. These three areas of wellness are intertwined and inseparable. Yet, in my own life […] Read More

I loved watching the Rankin-Bass stop-motion animated Christmas movies when I was a child. OK, to be honest, I still love watching them. The animation was fun, and the songs catchy. One song I still sing in my head when tough times come along is “Put One Foot in Front of the Other” from the […] Read More

It’s an epidemic with lots of names: burnout, depression, obesity, physical ailments of unknown origin, sexual acting out, divorce, substance abuse, loneliness and leaving the ministry. Furthermore, clergy suicides occur frequently. Research statistics vary but the consensus suggests that the number of clergy with mental health issues exceeds the percentage within the general populace. One […] Read More

Mental, neurological and substance use (MNS) disorders account for 10 percent of global diseases, according to a World Bank Group report. These issues result in numerous negative impacts, not only to individuals and families, but also on societies. For example, “an estimated 60 percent of suicide deaths can be re-attributed to mental and substance abuse […] Read More