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Mental Health Awareness Month

As we weather the COVID-19 crisis, research about the impact of unprecedented seclusion upon children is bleak. You can’t help but empathize with children and families. This ‘account’ shares the perspective from a kid’s eye view. […] Read More

Clergy are more open today to seeking help for mental health issues. And when churches speak openly about mental health, they reduce the mystery and stigma for everyone, including their ministers. Consider these four suggestions. […] Read More

With milestones like marriage and degrees pushed later into life, young adults are plunged into ‘emerging adulthood.’ This new stage brings with it challenges and mental health problems that previous generations never faced. […] Read More

During the coronavirus pandemic, clergy have led their churches from in-person to online ministry and now struggle with what comes next. It’s a frustrating process, like piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle. […] Read More

During this global pandemic, every family must learn to function in a world challenged by a shared contagious enemy and an economy built on unstable consumerism. All of us are struggling through these seven emotions and topics. […] Read More

While suffering is inevitable in life, our suffering caused by this global pandemic is unlike any we’ve experienced during our lifetimes. We’ve heard about maintaining our physical health, but we cannot neglect our mental health. […] Read More

April is Autism Awareness Month. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In our house, we don’t need a designated month to make us aware. We live autism and fragile mental health 365 days a year. Out of our three children, one struggles with a variety of mental health issues and one has an autism diagnosis […] Read More