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Mennonite Weekly Review

AMMAN, Jordan – As Mennonite Central Committee prepares to implement aid programs in Iraq, MCC staff are increasingly concerned about the involvement of the U.S. and British military in providing humanitarian aid. MCC is committed to helping the most vulnerable people in a disaster and to working with people on all sides of a conflict. […] Read More

When the American onslaught of “shock and awe” hit Baghdad the night of March 21, several members of Christian Peacemaker Teams were huddled in their room at the Al-Daar Hotel, reading aloud from Gandhi’s writings. The crushing volley lasted nearly two hours, then resumed shortly before dawn. CPTer Lisa Martens of Winnipeg, Man., said when […] Read More

NEW YORK – If a war begins in Iraq, unsanitary water may be one of the biggest threats to the civilian population, according to an official with CARE International. Margaret Hassan, the humanitarian agency’s Iraq program officer, said 60 percent of the Iraqi people don’t have access to clean water – a factor that is […] Read More

Since before the time of Magellan, many who have sailed in the shadow of the unknown have lost their lives, going unheralded and forgotten except by a few. Even if we remain blithely unaware of them in this distractable age, the Magellans of today are the men and women who tread among the stars – […] Read More

Ever since 9/11 – and even before – the concept of martyrdom has been freighted with a fanatic madness that defies legitimate faith. That a person could become a martyr for spiritual beliefs, or even for political or social convictions, has become bound to the most virulent forms of terrorism. Such soul murder, masquerading as […] Read More

Plough Publishing House, for decades the public voice of the New York-based Bruderhof Communities, went on what has been termed a “hiatus” Nov. 14. The Bruderhof, which has 3,000 members living in 10 Christian intentional communities in the United States, Great Britain and Australia, has been known for its sometimes radical activist stances, fueled in […] Read More

The Person Who Was a Message

Media critic Marshall McLuhan said in 1964 that “the medium is the message.” He was talking about television. The most important thing about TV, McLuhan suggested, is not the messages it delivers but the way it delivers them. TV changes the way people think. Pictures overwhelm words. A print culture becomes an electronic culture. Now […] Read More

Somewhere in Baghdad this evening, an Iraqi family sits down to their nightly iftar meal, breaking the daylong Ramadan fast that began at dawn. If they are fortunate, they are able to afford a festive meal at least a few times during the holy month. Still, for many who live amid a perilous world of […] Read More

Humbly Giving Thanks

At Thanksgiving, we usually give thanks for material things. We may even be tempted to express gratitude with a self-righteous attitude. Instead, we need a mindset of humility and an emphasis on the spiritual blessings that have made it possible for us to have a relationship with God. Sometimes we express a spirit of thankfulness […] Read More

SCOTTDALE, Pa. – After a 49-year run, Christian Living magazine will cease publication with its December issue – another casualty of the financial crisis at Mennonite Publishing House. Christian Living has brought voices from across the Mennonite-Anabaptist spectrum to its readers since 1953, ranging from theologian John Howard Yoder and novelist Rudy Wiebe in its […] Read More