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The multi-site video venue church model (MSVV) has become in vogue among larger churches in America over the past 15 years. Some MSVV churches share the same mission statement, doctrinal statement, approach to worship and preaching, yet give independent status to each of its venues. Each site has its own pastor. Others set up their […] Read More

Recent news of the “meltdown” of Mars Hill Church in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. has generated much commentary on the character of Mark Driscoll, the fate of Mars Hill Church, and the nature of multisite mega-churches. My generation of church leaders has found great success in the establishment and growth of multisite churches. […] Read More

I first saw it on Twitter – “Big differences in what small churches believe vs. big churches” – or something like that. Then, I saw it again a couple of days later. So I clicked the link and found myself staring at a Barna Group survey turned into a nice bar graph, compliments of Church […] Read More

A recent study by Leadership Network and the Hartford Institute for Religion Research looked at the demographics of those who attend mega-churches, defined as a congregation attended by 2,000 or more each week.   The study determined that almost half (44 percent) had come from another local church, 28 percent had transplanted from a distant […] Read More

When The Kansas City Star published an investigative story a few weeks ago about the secretive financial oversight of one of the Baptist mega-churches in the area, it was as if a bomb went off in the community. The news story reported that several hundred members had left the First Family Church of Overland Park, […] Read More

Rick Warren’s “Purpose-Driven” church model is being blamed in a developing split in one of the Southern Baptist Convention’s most prominent churches. Two weeks ago the Wall Street Journal carried a front-page story saying Warren’s church-growth methods–which include replacing hymns, choirs and pews with rock-style praise bands and laid-back sermons–were dividing the country’s 50 million […] Read More