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In our patriarchal society, men often try to commandeer the debate concerning abortion and women’s health. We men need to listen to women with open ears and open hearts. Here are 5 ways to do that. […] Read More

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican’s top bioethics official expressed “perplexity” after the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded Monday (Oct. 4) to the inventor of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Bishop Ignazio Carrasco de Paula, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, praised British scientist Robert G. Edwards for opening a “new and important chapter in […] Read More

Do you know which professional group in the United States experiences the highest rate of suicide? According to the most recent edition of Newsweek magazine, the highest rate of suicide in our country, higher than among any other professional group, occurs among doctors.This startling assertion is the theme of an upcoming public television documentary entitled, […] Read More

Zainabu Sesay will die in pain in Sierra Leone from breast cancer that has spread into her lymph glands. A tumor has “burst through her skin, looking like a putrid head of cauliflower weeping small amounts of blood at its edges,” reported the “New York Times.” She has no access to the one cheap, legal […] Read More

A shortage of human organs and tissues for transplants encourages unethical practices, said Rod Benson, director of the Center for Christian Ethics at Morling College in Sydney, Australia. “The serious shortfall in supply of organs suitable for transplant increases the impetus for accepting organs from living donors (e.g. one kidney), increases pressure to allow commercial […] Read More

Actor Tom Cruise now stands in the spotlight not just for his romance with actress Katie Holmes, but also for his comments about modern medicine. Cruise’s interview with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood in late May has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism. “Here is the thing: you have to understand, with psychiatry, there is no […] Read More

“How much do you think this bottle of pills costs?” asked my wife, several days after I had returned home from a month in the hospital for the treatment of acute leukemia. I was stunned when she told me the price for a 30-day prescription was more than $4,000. With our insurance coverage our actual […] Read More

When my wife told me that I had spent a month in the hospital for treatment for acute leukemia, I was stunned. The time lapse had never computed. I had lost track of time, even though the hospital staff wrote every day the date on a marker board in my room. One of my first […] Read More

Four months ago, headlines in newspapers around the world announced the unfolding saga of apparent medical error occurring within a university hospital with international name recognition. The newsworthiness of this particular mistake surely had something to do with its origin at Duke, and that it involved the widely heralded “miracle” medicine of organ transplantation. Public […] Read More

You might forget his name, Aron Ralston, but you won’t soon forget what he did. After having his arm pinned by an 800-pound boulder for five days while hiking in Colorado, Ralston broke the bones in his arm and used his dull pocket knife to cut through the skin and tendons to free himself. He […] Read More