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Medical Missions

Noah is a young man living in Nakuru, Kenya. His health was steadily declining for several years, and he didn’t have the financial resources to pay for medical treatment. But in January 2017, Noah made his way to an annual one-week clinic to receive free treatment from American and Kenyan doctors. These medical missionaries diagnosed […] Read More

Any successful organization, especially a Christian one, must look beyond its own needs and agenda. When a hospital goes beyond its bottom-line concerns to address “outside” responsibilities, a transformation occurs. Christian hospitals obviously must operate with outstanding medical and business guidelines. But that’s not the whole story. The Christian hospital carries an even greater stewardship […] Read More

Mission work in Guatemala has been part of my ministry for more than a decade. My interest dates back to 2005 when Bobby Perry, a Churchnet colleague, and I traveled there to meet with Guatemala Baptist Convention leaders. We inquired how we as a fledgling Baptist organization might assist their ministries. They identified the pressing […] Read More

Brian Palmer at Slate muses about the work of medical missionaries, like Dr. Kent Brantly, who contracted Ebola in Liberia: “It’s great that these people are doing God’s work, but do they have to talk about him so much?” I’m almost embarrassed to write about this piece because it is such an easy target. But […] Read More