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Like a magician’s use of distraction to pull off a “magic” trick, sleight of mind shifts the public’s focus from the real issues and concerns. The former is amusing; the latter can have dire consequences. […] Read More

Our society no longer values facts. Holding an opinion in defiance of the tools of logic is our new norm. And many Christians, who claim to hold to Absolute Truth, are first to ignore mounting evidence and its logical conclusions. […] Read More

Half of U.S. adults believe fake news and information “is a very big problem in the country today,” reports said, ranking fifth on a list of 11 issues, including drug addiction and affordable health care. […] Read More

Much of our news is presented with some bias. Often, people cease listening to news networks to be informed, but to have their viewpoints validated. These recommendations will help you maintain healthy news-watching habits. […] Read More

Popular culture suffers from a lack of representation of traditional minority groups. It’s an issue that’s so overwhelming that we feel we can’t do anything about it. But maybe there’s another option. […] Read More

Hollywood normally does a poor job of portraying religion or comprehending regular religious practice, especially when it comes to Christianity. Why don’t they try to understand the culture? […] Read More

We must learn how to relate cross-culturally in ways that reflect the beauty and grace of Christ’s gospel because we encounter people from other cultures, nations and faith traditions every day. I shared three suggestions on how to do so in the first part: First, engage with real people face to face. Second, questions that […] Read More

Normal Christian folk are increasingly face to face with people of other faiths, especially Muslims but also with Hindus, Buddhists and others. This thought struck me as I was traveling recently through North America. I watched Somali women line up for childcare outside a center in Seattle. Syrians were picnicking in a park in Langley, […] Read More

President Trump complained earlier this year about the media’s failure to pay due attention to Islamist terrorist attacks, and the administration offered a specific list of such events. In some cases, his complaint was unfair, but the list did include many overseas attacks known only to experts and largely ignored by media. In turn, critics […] Read More

I started a six-month hiatus from Facebook and other social media in July 2016. The animosity of the 2016 political campaigns and election were undeniable motivators for this social media fast. There was, however, one horrifying occurrence that ultimately caused me to temporarily cut ties with this form of media consumption. As I was scrolling […] Read More