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Marv Knox

Pastors who comprise Fellowship Southwest’s ministry to asylum-seekers along the U.S.-Mexico border spent almost two hours discussing their work with refugees while living in the shadow of COVID-19. […] Read More

Lorenzo Ortiz, a Texas pastor who operates three immigrant shelters in Mexico, stayed in Mexico when the US and Mexican governments closed the border to all ‘nonessential’ travel at midnight on March 21 to curb the spread of COVID-19. […] Read More

A gunman who slaughtered 22 people in El Paso claimed in an online forum he wanted to stop a ‘Hispanic invasion.’ Anyone who would shoot our Mexican and other Latinx brothers and sisters would shoot into the heart of God. […] Read More

Pastors and ministry leaders on both sides of the Mexico-United States border are gearing up to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the immigrant caravan marching toward the U.S. […] Read More

Refugees who fled their homelands to escape civil war and persecution find help from Karen Morrow, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionary in Texas, as they adjust to life in the U.S. […] Read More

A cluster of Native American congregations and the Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma are writing a new script for race relations in the Sooner State. […] Read More

Marv Knox is field coordinator for Fellowship Southwest, a network that comprises CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) of Oklahoma, CBF of Texas and CBF West. 1. Where did you grow up? Perryton, a small farming, ranching and oil-producing town at the top of the Texas Panhandle. 2. What is your favorite verse, book or story in […] Read More

When many people talk about “freedom of religion,” they mean they want government to allow them to freely exercise their religion, but they don’t care about others’ religion. This has been the “Protestant privilege” for decades. This perspective was posed to me recently, followed by the question, “What do you think?” The issue isn’t as […] Read More

WACO, Texas–Twenty-nine members of the J.M. Dawson family have called on Baylor University to remove the associate director of the institute that bears Dawson’s name. In an open letter dated Sept. 11, Dawson family members question the appointment of Francis Beckwith as associate director of Baylor’s J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies. However, two of […] Read More

Some U.S. Christians have tried to draw detours on the “road map” to peace in the Middle East. They need to step back from the table and allow residents of that region, who actually must follow that map, to negotiate its course with help from advocates of lasting peace. For many years, Christians who think […] Read More