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Mark Woods

Every time we make a purchase, we are making a moral judgment. For some of our purchases, we need to face the moral consequences of what we do. We buy our luxuries at the cost of human misery. […] Read More

There’s always a trade-off between what we might want to achieve and what we can actually do. Former United Kingdom ambassador and career diplomat Christopher Meyer emphasized this point in his book, “Getting Our Way,” subtitled “500 Years of Adventure and Intrigue: The Inside Story of British Diplomacy.” As a result, we’re sometimes left holding […] Read More

Mark Woods is a Baptist minister and contributing editor for He served previously as the editor of The Baptist Times of Great Britain. Mark’s articles that have appeared previously on are available here. 1. Where did you grow up? I was born in Stockport, in the north of England, and grew up in […] Read More

British Prime Minister David Cameron made all sorts of headlines recently with a speech in Oxford in which he unapologetically asserted the notion of Britain as a “Christian country.” It is saying something when this could be regarded as news. In America, for instance, where the Republican primaries are alternately horrifying and amusing us, no candidate […] Read More

There are no great expectations that the U.N.-led Durban Climate Change Conference currently being held in South Africa will produce any significant outcomes. Awareness of climate change has increased, but the will to act has not. We should note that churches around the world have been raising the alarm about climate change for decades – […] Read More

The resignation of Graeme Knowles as the dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral caps – if it does not yet complete – a remarkably tumultuous period in the cathedral’s history. It is really too soon to pronounce on exactly what has gone wrong and right, and who are the heroes and villains of this saga. But […] Read More

The headline in a national newspaper declared that students in Great Britain were scared off by university fees reaching nearly $14,500. The story was that British universities were facing their biggest fall in applications for 30 years, with a 10 percent drop. Well, there’s a surprise. Fees of nearly $14,500 a year are common. Faced […] Read More

The news that the Angus Library in Great Britain has secured funding to help make Baptist history more widely known is very welcome. As a nation, Britain seems to be obsessed by history – partly, perhaps, because we are taught it in such a disconnected fashion at school nowadays. Not all the TV programs that feed […] Read More

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams pulled no punches in his sermon to 15,000 Anglicans in a sports stadium in the capital of Zimbabwe on a recent Sunday. The archbishop is often accused of obscurity, usually unfairly, by people who cannot be bothered to listen to him carefully enough. There was nothing obscure about this. […] Read More

The series of catastrophes that has already pummeled the world’s economies, and which is not over yet by any means, has focused the minds of our policy-makers in a wonderful way. We would all agree that this is overdue; most of us have very little expertise in the rarified worlds of international finance and banking […] Read More