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Mark Wingfield

Outsiders often wonder why Muslims and Jews in the Middle East can’t put their differences behind them and agree to get along on the land they both claim as holy. The problem is part logistical and part theological, according to scholars well versed in the matter. The logistical conflict centers on the fact Judaism and […] Read More

When Ed McAteer watches current events unfold in the Middle East, he sees the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. These things must come to pass, he believes, in order for Jesus to return and bring world history to its end. That’s why he was saddened but not surprised when the United Nations recently voted against Israel, […] Read More

Evangelical Christian theology undergirding some reaction to the Arab-Israeli conflict hinges on one pivotal notion–that the Jewish people are God’s people, God’s chosen ones who must be protected. But that’s not the only Christian view of modern Judaism. “National Israel’s rejection of Christ meant forfeiture of God’s covenant blessings and that the true people of […] Read More

NEW YORK–Marriage is good for your health, wealth and happiness, according to a panel of social scientists. The team of family scholars collaborated to survey a vast body of research on marriage and family issues and summarize it in a document titled “Why Marriage Matters.” The project was sponsored by the Center of the American […] Read More

DALLAS–A confidential e-mail address has been established to collect information from Southern Baptist Convention missionaries who are concerned about signing an affirmation of the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message. The Missions Review and Initiative Committee of the Baptist General Convention of Texas is coordinating the e-mail survey. It was announced in a widely circulated e-mail […] Read More

Rob Johnson was a tennis pro before becoming worship leader at Fellowship Church in Grapevine. Not the traditional path to music ministry in a Baptist church, to be sure. But Johnson’s journey into ministry resembles that of an increasing number of church musicians who are bypassing traditional seminary training. Some, like Johnson, are called out […] Read More

To understand the rapid growth of Texas today, imagine moving the entire population of Delaware to Texas. That would be a start, because those people would represent only the growth in Texas’ Anglo population over the last decade. Next, add the population of Wyoming, and that would represent the growth of African-Americans in Texas over […] Read More

No evidence can be found to support a story circulating widely on the Internet about President George W. Bush taking time out during a banquet for volunteer staff to lead a teenager to faith in Jesus Christ. While not discounting the president’s Christian faith or evangelistic zeal, two firms that specialize in tracking down so-called […] Read More