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Obama’s presidential wink at marijuana comes when his public opinion ratings are at all-time low and with a dreadful, glassy-eyed comparison to alcohol. A BBC News headline read: “Barack Obama: ‘Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol.'” After admitting his own well-documented pot smoking as a “kid” and cigarettes as an adult, Obama said, “I don’t […] Read More

After months of campaigning and billions of dollars spent, Americans woke up Wednesday morning to a familiar political landscape. Although few changes will occur in the makeup of leaders in Washington, critical statewide ballots on issues like marriage, marijuana, religious liberty and immigration show a divided and changing populace. With President Barack Obama easily securing […] Read More

On the street it’s called pot, grass, weed, mary jane or reefer. It comes in cigarette and cigar-sized packages called joints and blunts. The active ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Call it what you will, but those who produce marijuana call it their cash crop. You won’t see marijuana futures traded in open markets, but […] Read More