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Baylor University leaders say they love LGBTQ+ students yet continue to separate them from student life. While the love of Christ has no conditions, Baylor presents love to their queer students with an asterisk. […] Read More

Some fear that life is too precarious to live. If life were a motorcycle, they would tell you don’t rev it up too much; don’t go into uncharted territory. Play it safe. Instead, say “yes” to the calling to be freely and fully alive. […] Read More

I have come to the conclusion that the church should not hinder LGBTQ Christians from full inclusion into the body as God made them. However, I have not always held this conviction. Here’s my journey. […] Read More

With the Advent wreath in storage and the Christmas tree recycled, Epiphany Sunday urges us to abandon the old road of fear, suspicion and exclusion. If our celebrations are more than ritual, we must find another road. […] Read More

On the fourth Sunday of Advent, in our hurry-up-and-spend world, we still wait. With Elizabeth and Mary, with David and Micah, even with old Abraham and Sarah, we wait for the love within us to be born into our world again. […] Read More

When we’re so focused on all our holiday preparations, it’s easy to forget that Christmas is coming. A time to remember and celebrate God sending Jesus to live among us and show us how to be more loving. […] Read More

The Christian lives under the imperative of love. That starts in the heart of God because the Christian knows that the one fundamental reality in the universe is a love that creates, redeems, sustains and will renew a created order originally conceived in the eternal love of the Father. We love because we are loved. […] Read More

The Power of Love

A worldwide audience listened last weekend to a sermon about the power of love at the wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and U.S. actress Meghan Markle. Delivered by Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry, the sermon has received a global reception as a message the world needed to hear. Building upon a quote from Martin Luther King […] Read More

How do we respond to the company of strangers? Do we find ourselves enriched or threatened? In his book, “Practical Theology,” Terry A. Velling writes, “Our English word xenophobia means ‘fear of the stranger.’ If we turn the word around, we get the New Testament word for hospitality, philoxenia, ‘love of the stranger.’ Pure hospitality, […] Read More

Ethics has to do with choosing – what we choose, how we choose, why we choose. From the simplest of decisions about daily behaviors to the most comprehensive choices of ideologies that frame our understandings of the world, those choices set the trajectory of what much of life is and will be. The beginning of […] Read More