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Look Back

The weather is changing globally. People of faith must take climate change seriously, especially since we are stewards of God’s creation. How we treat the world often offers evidence to the kind of theology we believe and practice. […] Read More

What are you going to deny yourself for Lent? Here’s an idea. Maybe it’s time to deny your denial and come to terms with the truth. We use the ‘denial dance’ to two-step around the truth about ourselves and the world. […] Read More

Christians today use the 40 days of Lent for introspection, self-examination and repentance. Preparations are being made all around us for another growth cycle. Why should that be any different within our spiritual lives? […] Read More

God’s justice and forgiveness are interwoven in the cloth of the gospel. Yet ever since the time of the prophets we’ve needed to clarify for each generation the call to justice. Here are 10 reasons justice is central to the gospel. […] Read More

Goodwill Baptists value diversity, but many are still closing the doors of leadership on women and minorities. Even Baptist churches claiming openness to women in ministry are not necessarily including them in all leadership levels. […] Read More

Fundamentalists used the subordination of women as a litmus test for loyalty, using the same logic as their ancestors who used Scripture to justify slavery. However, you can champion gender equality and be faithful to Scripture. […] Read More

The Lord’s Prayer asks that God’s kingdom would come, as God’s will is done on earth as it is done in heaven. If God is to reign on earth as in heaven, we cannot separate the spiritual and the social. […] Read More

Let’s face it. Many of us don’t keep New Year’s resolutions. We can never seem to turn our best ambitions into long-term success. Instead, make a New Day’s resolution. Embrace the power that each new day holds. […] Read More

One year is dying, and another is about to be born. A variety of symbols surround this transition. Father Time. The Grim Reaper. Baby New Year. And most of them are more connected than people suppose. […] Read More

Advent is about waiting for the world to change. Many of us, however, wait for the wrong things. We should be waiting – and working – for an end to poverty, for the oppressed to be set free, for an end to isolation and loneliness. […] Read More