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Pastoral leadership is often marked by deep loneliness, especially when ministers are passive about cultivating personal relationships. To thwart it, pastors must make a commitment to cultivating this part of their lives. […] Read More

Nearly half of U.S. adults feel lonely, especially young adults born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s. How can so much loneliness exist in a highly populated world? Our self-imposed patterns often lead to loneliness. […] Read More

Generation Z is the loneliest generation currently alive around the globe, according to a survey conducted by Cigna, a global health service company. This came as a surprise to many people who naturally assumed that the oldest generation would be the ones who experienced the greatest loneliness, not young vibrant 18- to 22-year-olds who boast […] Read More

I can think of only two times when I’ve felt seriously lonely. One was my first week as a student – in a completely strange city, in which I knew not a single soul. The other was the first time I went abroad – far from home, traveling alone, I felt an ache I couldn’t […] Read More

Final Gifts

A sermon by Bob Browning, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Frankfort, Ky. March 2, 2014 Matthew 28:16-20 Communion Devotion This morning, our attention is drawn to Jesus’ final words recorded by Matthew. We refer to this passage as the Great Commission because it is a challenge from Jesus to his followers to continue the work he […] Read More

Last Sunday in worship, I mentioned the parable of the lost sheep found in Luke 15:1-7. This is the story where the shepherd leaves the 99 sheep to go find the one that strayed. I commented that this is what God is like – a seeker after lost things. On Monday, I came across a […] Read More

In 1960, Elvis Presley recorded a song that had been written in 1926, and it became an immediate hit. “AreYouLonesomeTonight?” set records for the speediest rise on the Billboard Top 40 chart and remained at No. 1 for six weeks. The song is thoroughly cheesy and way over-the-top melodramatic, but it rang a bell with […] Read More

Who’s Missing?

A sermon delivered by Robert Browning, Pastor, Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Ga., on September 12, 2010. Luke 15: 1-10 Have you heard about the movie, Get Low, starring Robert Duvall? Many believe this is one of his finest acting jobs, perhaps worthy of an Academy Award nomination, which is not bad for a […] Read More

This sermon was delivered by Carra Hughes Greer, minister to families with youth at Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Ga., on Feb. 28, 2010.   Luke 13:31-35   One sunny afternoon, my oldest brother Troy had been chasing Fitzgerald’s famous wild chickens and so proudly bounded up to our home to show my mom […] Read More

My colleague Mark Tidsworth recently posted a topic on the Facebook page for Pinnacle Leadership Associates that generated a lot of response. The topic was the loneliness experienced by many ministers, especially the senior pastor.   Pastors are involved with people on a daily basis but often disconnected. This circumstance is not limited to senior […] Read More