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Living Wage

Does the US economy work for everyone or just for some? Instead of fighting against an unjust system, we pursue nicer houses, better cars and exotic vacations. Instead of working for more, perhaps we should work for better. […] Read More

When Christians talk to others about Jesus, it is more likely to turn them off than attract them. This conclusion, highlighted by The Guardian, was one finding in “Talking Jesus,” a Church of England report published last week. So how can Christians share their faith in ways that are relevant and do not make people […] Read More

“Wages of Sin” read the headline of a report that the Church of England does not pay all of its employees a living wage. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called it an embarrassing reality and noted that Canterbury “was moving very, very aggressively towards paying the living wage as soon as it can.” This revelation […] Read More

If there was ever a time for the church to start preaching all the messages the Bible gives about money, wealth and poverty, surely that time is now. I offer this piece of overwhelming evidence: Times are so tough these days that even the White House press secretary needs a living wage! Stop laughing. I’m […] Read More