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Liberty University

VP Mike Pence warned graduates they’d be ridiculed for defending the Bible’s teachings. By claiming “martyr status,” he is attempting to lay claim that his interpretation of Scripture is somehow canonized and infallible. […] Read More

Some Christians seem willing to support political leaders who lead in ways that violate basic human – much less Christian – principles because they think they will make the country stronger. But at what cost? […] Read More

As Rick Perry jumps to the front of the Republican presidential polls, he continues to meet with and speak to conservative evangelical groups as a key campaign strategy. The Texas governor, who officially entered the race last month after months of strategizing, spoke this week to Liberty University and met with a group of Southern […] Read More

Editor’s note: The board of directors of the Baptist Heritage Council of Georgia, where this article first appeared, voted in September to close the organization at the end of 2010.   During these changing times in our world, there is much that impacts the Baptist movement. No one can accurately predict what the future holds. […] Read More

Sometimes it is so interesting living in America. Here’s an example. Both during and after the presidential campaign, there has been a steady drumbeat of accusations that President Obama is a closet Muslim. Because his father was a Muslim, and because he lived for a while in a Muslim country, and because he attended a […] Read More

Liberty University recently informed leaders of its College Democrats chapter that the club would no longer be recognized by the university. The school founded by the late Jerry Falwell just recognized the chapter last October. The latest decision quickly reverberated through Virginia politics, becoming a topic among the Democratic and Republican candidates for this year’s […] Read More

Following the unexpected death of the Jerry Falwell, many are revisiting his legacy. Some remind people of his numerous controversial remarks, while others praise him for his political and social influence. Critics and supporters alike wonder who will take his place–not so much as leader of Thomas Road Baptist Church or Liberty University–but as a […] Read More