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Christianity in China is growing at a rate not seen since the 1930s. Despite political restrictions and regulations on constructing church buildings, Christians adapt to meeting in hotels or private premises for worship services. […] Read More

If you plan to study abroad and are married, you should weigh the challenges and sacrifices on your marriage and family. However, the long-term benefits may outweigh the short-term loneliness and struggles. […] Read More

The Republic of Liberia has just celebrated its 170th Independence Day, having become an independent nation on July 26, 1847. The American Colonization Society (ACS) was established in 1816. Its purpose was to support the migration of freed slaves to the continent of Africa. Abolitionists as well as plantation owners and other slaveholders participated in […] Read More

The entire community at Ricks Institute gathered in the school’s auditorium at 7:30 a.m. on Sept. 5, 2016. It was the first day of the 2016-17 academic year for the K-12 Baptist boarding school in Liberia. It was my responsibility as the principal and chief administrative officer to set the pace for the new school […] Read More

Faith leaders are vital to respond effectively to the crises in West African nations resulting from the Ebola virus. Three nations – Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia – were at the center of the epidemic, which originated in a rural village in Guinea in late December 2013 but was not identified as Ebola until March […] Read More

Ebola killed nearly 5,000 people in Liberia and threatened the lives of 4 million over a period of more than two years. Now that we are free from the threat of Ebola, we can sit side by side and move freely through normal life once again. When Ebola first showed its fierce face in Monrovia […] Read More

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed three new cases of Ebola on Nov. 20 in Paynesville City, a suburb of Monrovia, Liberia, where the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) has been a presence for nearly four decades. A 15-year-old boy, his brother and father were diagnosed with the life-threatening virus. Four days later, the boy […] Read More

Baptists from around the world, meeting in Africa for the Baptist World Congress, heard updates from those in nations impacted by last year’s Ebola epidemic. Baptists from Liberia and Nigeria spoke, as did a Baptist from Ghana (where no one was diagnosed with a case of Ebola). The 2014 Ebola epidemic – the worst Ebola […] Read More

There are five positive things you must know that Liberia’s efforts to address the Ebola crisis reinforces in the nation. Though more can be observed and recorded, these are the most important happenings that have gripped my attention. 1. Personal hygiene and sanitation. Liberians, in most homes and public places, are continuing the regular practice […] Read More

Is this Liberia? No, things have changed. “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why … I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” So said Robert F. Kennedy as a way to describe his passion for positive change. Amid the peculiarity of happenings in Liberia, […] Read More