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Liberation Theology

I understand liberation theology (in all its forms) as “protest theology” and an attempt to focus Christian thought on pressing issues of social injustice and oppression. I cannot accept it insofar as it is a “replacement theology” sweeping away all other theology. Nor can I accept it insofar as it is a theology done solely […] Read More

I have read a great deal of liberation theology, which arose first in the late 1960s to early 1970s among Roman Catholic scholars, particularly in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. Gustavo Gutiérrez’s landmark book, “A Theology of Liberation,” continues to resound as a major moment in late 20th century theology, an engagement of “history, politics and […] Read More

The new Defender of the Faith has spoken. The decree from Glenn Beck has been declared. His judgment rendered. According to Beck, President Obama practices a version of religion that is “a perversion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as most Christians know it,” according to a Washington Post news story. Beck explained why this […] Read More

Conservatives question my salvation, while liberals question my intelligence. This is what it means to be a Latino or Latina who insists on understanding reality from their social location; of reading the Bible with their own eyes; of doing ethics from the margins of society. Because many Hispanics experience the presence of the Divine in […] Read More

The problem with melting pots is that the scum usually rises to the top while those on the bottom get burned. This happens because the melting pot paradigm reinforces oppressive structures presently existing within society while blaming the victims of those structures for their own oppression. In effect, those with power and privilege are able […] Read More

Terrorism, as a political tool, is abhorrent to all people of good will. Civilized nations have a moral obligation to eliminate the use of terror. We as a nation, due to our rhetoric of expounding the virtues of democracy, are held to a higher standard in ending the terrorism that is imported and exported. The […] Read More

One of the joys of living in Miami is crabbing. As a young girl, my wife would go to the beach to hunt crabs, placing her prey in a bucket. Later at home, her abuela would prepare them for dinner. However, on the way home she had to keep an eye on the bucket, lest […] Read More

What guidelines, if any, can be derived from the biblical call for liberation? The past years have witnessed an attempt to come to terms with the presence of undocumented aliens. Regardless of the shape future legislation may take, as Christians, there exist moral guidelines by which our handling of undocumented aliens can be judged. What […] Read More