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A man called our church in need of help last week. Craig (not his real name) was making his way from Maryland back home to Los Angeles when he got sick. He has suffered with AIDS for many years. Along the way, he ran out of medication, lost his train ticket and ended up in […] Read More

The scientific term for altering the direction of light is refraction. Light moves consistently in a straight line until the moment it encounters an object that either redirects it or stops it altogether. Usually, this redirection only occurs in distinct, sharp angles. However, only water can actually bend light into an arc. So, let’s wade […] Read More

I went out to get the mail on the Wednesday following my ordination. It was the same day the local paper ran an article on my journey to becoming the first gay person ordained at Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. As I opened the mailbox, I found three hollow-point bullets set up side by […] Read More

Several issues have become flashpoints in Christian communities. One of these is the inclusion of LGBT persons in local churches and denominations. On most of these issues, a figurative line is drawn in the sand and both individual and organizations are defined by where they stand. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) has recently adopted a […] Read More

I wonder who awoke this morning to find a smudge of ash still haunting the hairline. My children have been known to want to keep the ashen cross on their foreheads overnight, but I protest; it will get all over everything. Remembrances of our dusty humanity, our being formed from the “adamah” (Hebrew for “ground” […] Read More

Threading the ethical needle is always a delicate matter in institutions and agencies that serve a diverse community. This is especially true when an issue is seen from a wide variety of deeply held perspectives among the people who make up the community. The evolving values that accompany a faith journey present a significant challenge […] Read More

For years now the American Family Association based out of Tupelo, Miss., has been the self-appointed watchdog of all things moral in the media. This vigilant band of TV, movie and magazine detectives has kept a close eye on anything overtly sexual or profane that may make its way into our fragile consciousness. Apparently they […] Read More