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Leroy Seat

Christianism, or politicized Christianity, expresses a troubling aspect of US religious and political life. And the move toward ‘Christian nationalism’ is one of the main ways Christianism has been apparent in recent years. […] Read More

The difference between ‘secularization’ and ‘secularism’ is not widely known. Secularism is a worldview with no room for God. Secularization represents a society’s unwillingness to enforce any particular worldviews on its citizens. […] Read More

John Ruskin was an influential British writer and social thinker in the last half of the 19th century. His most important literary work highlighted what has been called “the scandal of grace,” drawing praise from Gandhi to Tolstoy. […] Read More

The culture of contempt is a prevalent force in US society. The author of a new book suggests we must follow 5 rules if we want to subvert that culture for the good of the nation and the world. […] Read More

Wendell Berry, who turns 85 today, is my favorite living farmer. More than that, this wordsmith and environmental activist challenged us to “think little” to achieve a healthy environment. May we heed his prophetic voice. […] Read More

Most religious people are convinced that their religion is a good thing but have their doubts about the goodness of other religions. So is religion good? That depends. […] Read More

People have used the Bible to defend slavery, bar women from ministry and rejecting acceptance of LGBTQ folks. Some may claim such views are biblical, but it doesn’t mean their Christian. We must read the Bible in context. […] Read More

Anti-Semitism cannot be condoned no matter when or by whom it is expressed, but neither can charges of anti-Semitism be used as a means to stifle legitimate criticism of the nation of Israel. […] Read More

Fred Korematsu, born 100 years ago today, is increasingly becoming recognized as the civil rights hero he was. In 1942, he challenged the internment of 117,000 ethnic Japanese people, the majority of whom were U.S. citizens. […] Read More

Can differences of degree become so great they become differences of kind? Conservative and liberal Christians, unable to find a center, have become so increasingly polarized it appears they have produced two Christianities. […] Read More