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As we find ourselves in perilous times, we also find ourselves seeking hope. As Holy Week quickly approaches, good faith people can connect with the Jesus story more this year than any before. Look for the helpers – then and now. […] Read More

Lent is a time of honest introspection. The COVID-19 pandemic offers us a fitting chance to reflect theologically on what is going on in this difficult time and how to respond to it in faith. Here are 5 faithful responses. […] Read More

To celebrate Jesus as Lord – like the crowds did as he entered Jerusalem – means following his lead in giving his life for others. In a nation inundated with nationalism, cutthroat capitalism and individualism, is that possible? […] Read More

Many Baptists are wary of liturgical worship. While we were not made for ritual, we were made to follow Christ. The rituals remind us of who we are, where we came from and where we’re headed. The traditions give us direction. […] Read More

Many people are wrestling with the loss of loved ones as COVID-19 spreads around the world, but the final cruelty of the pandemic is its forced separation from those we love, just when we need togetherness the most. […] Read More

In this Lenten season, as humanity faces a global pandemic, we are witnessing a timeless human paradigm of response to crisis, moving from self-centered ‘I’ thinking and believing to a more community-centered ‘we’ perspective. […] Read More

As many churches cancel their services to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, is it possible this period of forced exile from our normal routine may in reality lead to strengthening and renewing us? […] Read More

Growing from a sheepish beggar to a seasoned witness, a blind man in John’s Gospel received his sight in his first encounter with Jesus, but his true perception deepened through social pressure, dramatic trials and excommunication. […] Read More

When life is calm, it’s easy for us to think we have control over our environment. As COVID-19 spreads and the stock market dives, Lent asks us to walk by faith rather than by sight, knowing the Divine guides and leads us. […] Read More

Through his interaction with a woman who was on the margins of her own community, Jesus boldly defied cultural, religious and political expectations to practice solidarity with ‘the other.’ How bold are you? […] Read More