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Left Behind

With the new “Left Behind” movie premiering this fall, many people are writing about the film and its theological implications. The film, and book series from which it is adapted, is built on a dispensational belief that Christians will be raptured—removed from earth bodily—while non-Christians on earth will be “left behind” to wallow in the […] Read More

I thought Hal Lindsey was dead, but I discovered he is quite alive when I ran into him on TV the other night. Not only is he very much alive, but also the end-times prophecy that forms the basis of his theological and political perspective on the world is also very much alive. While Lindsey […] Read More

In 1970, evangelical author Hal Lindsey penned a book that became a staple of Christian end-time table talk. The title said it all: “The Late Great Planet Earth.” In this book, Lindsey laid out the now all-too-familiar scheme of end-time paranoia, which includes the rise of one world government, the appearance of the anti-Christ, the […] Read More

A lawyer claiming to represent the developer of video games based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ “Left Behind” novels refused to accept a certified letter from the Baptist Center for Ethics answering allegations that carried statements about the game that were “false and misleading.” was one of several Web and blog sites […] Read More

An American Muslim group has joined a campaign asking Wal-Mart to stop selling a “Left Behind” themed video game, saying it demonizes Islam by creating targets with Muslim-sounding names. A coalition of church-state separation and liberal Christian groups previously asked Wal-Mart to remove “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” from its stores, saying the game promotes intolerance […] Read More

A Christian family organization usually opposed to violent video games for children apparently has no problem with a recently released game based on the best-selling “Left Behind” novels and movies that critics say celebrates religiously induced violence. Plugged In, a Focus on the Family publication, called Left Behind: Eternal Forces “the kind of game that […] Read More

Let’s define success. The Left Behind series, written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins has now sold over 60 million copies. There are 11 sequels to the original novel, and three prequels. The series has also spawned a children’s series with nearly 40 different titles. And what may be a first for a piece of […] Read More

Many Bible-believing Christians worried “The DaVinci Code” would blur the line between fiction and what the Bible says about the life of Jesus. But a new book says millions of evangelicals are buying a marginal and fairly recent theology behind the “Left Behind” novels as if it were gospel truth. In Left Behind?: The Facts […] Read More

One pastor’s story can offer some insights on the popularity of this fiction series. Jason Byassee writes in his article “Enraptured: What’s Behind ‘Left Behind’?” that he had never met anyone who believed in the rapture–not in college, not in seminary, not in his evangelical fellowship groups–until he received his first rural church assignment. At […] Read More

With the movie version of Dan Brown’s novel “The DaVinci Code” about to debut, all the anxiety that accompanied the book’s success is back. Of course, we must account for the success, and the fact is, it’s a pretty good mystery action story. But that is not all there is to it. Helping to fuel […] Read More