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Least of These

How do we celebrate Independence Day as Christians? As Americans, it’s hard not to go to July 4th. But as Christians, isn’t our real independence day Easter? Isn’t that the day we find freedom from sin, guilt and failure? Here’s the dilemma for U.S. Christians. We read our biblical story into our national story. We […] Read More

It took a wild and crazy guy – someone out of his mind – to recognize who Jesus was. It happened early in the ministry of Jesus at a synagogue in Capernaum where he was teaching with great effectiveness (Mark 1:21-28). The folks gathered there on the Sabbath were impressed by how different this young […] Read More

Here are some of the pitfalls of trying to write timely about religion every week. First, the daily news right now is completely dominated by Republican politics. This will last until midsummer when the Democrats join the fray, and then we will have nonstop partisan politics until November. I suppose it is possible to ignore […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Jennifer Harris Dault at Southwest Baptist Church, St. Louis, Mo., on November 20, 2011. Matthew 25:31-46 Allyn and I recently moved into downtown St. Louis. Prior to that, we lived in the county, in a house owned by the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home. On one side our neighbor was the St. […] Read More