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Sen. John McCain, who died Aug. 25, modeled extraordinary courage as a prisoner of war, a presidential candidate and in the face of his own death, which should inspire the admiration and respect of all Americans. […] Read More

People who attack or create discord are in every church. Some might call them bullies. While their words may sting, here’s how you can talk to someone who creates conflict. […] Read More

The Global Leadership Summit, produced by the Willow Creek Association, was held recently. Although its founder’s sexual impropriety scandal rocked the event, here are 4 reasons I’m glad I participated. […] Read More

Grief is a steady companion for ministers. A healthy church will recognize that dealing with grief is essential if your ministers are to help you navigate the difficult waters of grief and loss. […] Read More

When voters assessed U.S. presidents, moral values once again lagged behind management skills and issue positions, a Gallup poll says. […] Read More

Two new series aimed at engaging the next generation will soon launch on – one focused on high school and college writers, the other on seminarians and first-time ministers. […] Read More

Parishioners place significant trust in their pastors when it comes to addressing poverty, a Barna Group report says, with 54 percent saying they “definitely” trust their pastor’s opinion. […] Read More

Our churches have become politicized to the point that people on opposite sides of issues can’t figure out how to be community together. Can we rediscover God’s still, small voice? […] Read More

Many congregations want to avoid the LGBTQ issue altogether. However, neutrality is no longer an option. You’ll take either a proactive position now or a reactive one later. […] Read More

It was often at a time of crisis when people changed their mind and embraced the narrow way that Jesus was offering. How about congregations and faith communities? Can we change our minds? Does it always take a crisis for this to happen? […] Read More