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Most churches have taken a significant financial hit from the COVID-19 health crisis, but some have seen their giving hold up and even increase. How did they do it? Check out these three trends most of these churches have in common. […] Read More

During the coronavirus pandemic, clergy have led their churches from in-person to online ministry and now struggle with what comes next. It’s a frustrating process, like piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle. […] Read More

Power is an unavoidable reality, but does it necessarily corrupt? Can transparency, humility and sharing power with a diversified group avoid its negative manifestations? […] Read More

The populist leaders of the US and Brazil enjoy widespread support from evangelicals, leading them to reject science and favor religion for solutions. When it comes to responding to the COVID-19 crisis, the results are devastating. […] Read More

Churches don’t need to re-open like some U.S. states are beginning to do. Ministry never stopped, even as faith communities have ceased in-person gatherings to promote the common good. […] Read More

Protestors are demanding state legislators reopen the economy. It’s textbook Manifest Destiny. A belief they have a divine right for others to submit to their demands. Faith in God is about serving, not privilege and entitlement. […] Read More

Being the church when the world is crumbling requires identifying priorities. The church must identify priorities in order to adapt amid a crisis, whether that crisis be internal to the church system or in the community. […] Read More

Clergy and other caring vocations are already more at risk for burnout and depression than other professions. With COVID-19 added to the mix, proactive self-care has become even more essential for ministers. […] Read More

With moneyed corporate interests seeking an opportunity to cash in on a federal government economic relief package, let’s remember what we can do to benefit the common good and the average citizen. Here are 4 ideas. […] Read More

As long as people gather and interact, emotional processes are at work. Some interactions can be inherently anxious, which will keep churches from moving forward and distract them from accomplishing their mission and purpose. […] Read More