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Faith leaders were sharply critical to diplomatic in their responses to President Barack Obama’s El Paso speech that had been billed as a major address on comprehensive immigration reform. Obama’s 12-minute speech mocked Republicans and in two short paragraphs spelled out his understanding of comprehensive immigration reform. “[A] trip to the border town of El […] Read More

“Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work. The seventh day is a Sabbath to Yahweh your God, you shall do no work that day” (Exodus 20:8-10). How many times have you sat during a service only to hear some minister preach on this particular biblical […] Read More

I have been exploring the funeral and burial customs of impoverished people in the Latino community of upstate South Carolina. I began doing this recently after considering the high cost of funerals in general. Some impoverished Latinos could not claim the bodies of their deceased because they could not pay for a burial or have […] Read More

One of the reasons I wanted to move to Houston 12 years ago was the city’s multiracial environment. I wanted my children to grow up to be world citizens, not just middle-class Anglos from the Deep South. I love my city. You can get empanadas from Columbians and pad thai from Thais. I live in […] Read More

Clement of Alexandria is reported as saying that “God saved the Jews in a Jewish way, the barbarians in a barbarian way.” Likewise, God will save Euro-Americans in a Euro-American way and Hispanics in a Latino/Latina way. Nevertheless, there is an insistence by well-meaning progressive Euro-Americans to accept a Christ created in their image so […] Read More

La Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas (The Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas or HBCT) is a fellowship of about 1,200 churches affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT).   The BGCT – a fellowship of 5,500 churches that cooperate to focus on missions and evangelism, education and discipleship, and human welfare and advocacy […] Read More

How is the Obama presidential election different from any other in our national history? In 1963 as a child in the third grade, I was told I could be president of the United States because it was a democracy. At home, my father did not discourage me, but he did not believe it—not because I […] Read More

It is not surprising that a hyper-individualistic culture would reduce sin and salvation to the personal. For many Euro-American Christians, sin is an action, or omission, committed by an individual who now stands guilty before God. This individual action (or lack thereof) creates alienation between the individual and God. Sin becomes universal with sin being […] Read More

The nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States by President Barack Obama has electrified the Hispanic community in America. Now the largest minority group in the United States, Hispanic-Americans have long sought their piece of the American dream in this land of possibility in which all, except Native Americans, are […] Read More

Conservatives question my salvation, while liberals question my intelligence. This is what it means to be a Latino or Latina who insists on understanding reality from their social location; of reading the Bible with their own eyes; of doing ethics from the margins of society. Because many Hispanics experience the presence of the Divine in […] Read More