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Larry Eubanks

When we label people, it keeps us from having to listen to what may be legitimate concerns about our own position. More than anything, labels reduce people to things. […] Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention and Roman Catholic Church both believe in a male-only clergy and struggle with a clergy sex abuse crisis. Until they abandon patriarchy, they will never get a handle on sexual abuse. […] Read More

Whether you do or do not believe the Bible should be read literally is irrelevant. It’s whether you actually read it. Those who read it at least weekly – literally or not – tend to become more progressive in their views. […] Read More

Nationalism means putting country above humanity, while patriotism means putting humanity ahead of country and self. We must never allow the former to be equated with the latter. […] Read More

Jesus’ opponents were fueled by the mindset of the Maccabees, who held contempt for foreigners, sought a return to an idealized past and were committed to violent revolution. Ring a bell? […] Read More

There is an ongoing debate in evangelical circles between two views of the proper relationship between husbands and wives as prescribed by the Bible. The first is complementarianism, which asserts that the husband is the head of the household and holds ultimate authority over the family. The wife plays a complementary role in managing the […] Read More

Baptist author and Bible study leader Beth Moore published “A Letter to My Brothers” last week, in which she shared, lovingly but honestly, her experience as a woman in the male-dominated world of evangelicalism in general and the patriarchal SBC in particular. If you haven’t read it, you should. The tone of the article isn’t […] Read More

The first and most basic step toward doing something evil is when you consider another person as something less. Less godly. Less good. Less human. When Europeans decided Africans with their superstitious religions were less godly, with their cannibilistic ways were less good, with their primitive jungle ways were less human, they justified capturing them, […] Read More

The U.S. is in a bit of a truth crisis right now. Getting at the truth has always been a challenge, even when everyone is playing by the rules and honestly seeking truth. But that isn’t always the case. A lot of people out there are writing blogs, publishing papers, writing on social media, broadcasting […] Read More

Practically everyone believes that violence is wrong, evil and a huge problem all around the world. We long for peace that is real, lasting and more than just an oasis in a desert of violence. We just can’t agree on what to do about it, what the Bible says about it, or what Jesus’ stance […] Read More