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The Alabama memorial serves as a somber reminder of our nation’s sad and brutal history. A place to confront the truth of racial terror. A place of prayer and for lamentation. And yet, a ray of hope beyond the clouds. […] Read More

For many, December is a daily struggle of personal grief. During Advent, come alongside those in your faith community who need to voice complaint, anger, grief and despair in prayer. […] Read More

The events and experiences portrayed in the biblical testimony have a way of becoming metaphors for life. Even when times are distressing, the message of hope is clear: Keep singing the Lord’s song, even in a strange land. […] Read More

It is fitting that Lent begins smack dab in the middle of Black History Month. Celebrating the heritage and contributions of African-Americans is always accompanied by grief and lament. There were and are too many black deaths, too much indignity and too little access. Color still trumps character it seems, and white privilege takes up […] Read More

Recent events have led to a heart-breaking hashtag trending on the internet: #metoo. Women around the world are using this to speak out about the misogynistic or abusive treatment they have received at the hands of men. It has taken the immense courage of the women who have made allegations against such a high profile […] Read More

Many are anxious as a rending of the health care safety net is transpiring. Decisions are underway that threaten to exclude a growing sector of the population from basic access. The tension between federal and state responsibilities will only grow, and each will resort to blaming the other. Preserving the wealth of the few by […] Read More

The first chapter of Lamentations was the passage of the day during a recent Sunday morning “Breakfast with the Bible” session at our church. What a challenge for the visiting speaker who had accepted the invitation to speak and only then discovered what was expected of him. This passage at first sight has no good […] Read More

Does it feel like a lot is going on in our world right now? ISIS kicking out Christians in Mosul. Strikes on Gaza to destroy tunnels, which were built to attack Israel. Ebola in West Africa. Syria. Central African Republic. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. I am well aware that what we see as “going on” […] Read More

Soon after Typhoon Haiyan wreaked its devastating effects on the Philippines, people began drawing attention to a Jesus statue that withstood the storm. The typhoon practically leveled the coastal town of Tanauan in which the statue of Jesus continues to stand tall – his crucified hands outstretched for the watching world to see. This was […] Read More

The Pain of Rejection

A sermon by Robert Browning, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Frankfort, Ky. Luke 13:31-35 Let’s talk about rejection this morning. It is one of the most painful words in our vocabulary and always associated with broken dreams and disappointment. Who among us has not felt the sting of rejection? How old were you the first time […] Read More