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Our future requires people with different skills. We need those who can dream the future and those who can build it. People should be encouraged to follow the educational and career paths that suit their gifts and interests. […] Read More

Factory workers ultimately pay the price for clothing brands seeking cheap and fast manufacturing, a report says. To satisfy consumers wanting cheap clothing, many brands undermine efforts to create safe working conditions. […] Read More

Who are you wearing? Or, perhaps a better question: Are you wearing ethical clothing? Baptist World Aid Australia is urging consumers to check their fashion brands to ensure their clothes are ethical. […] Read More

Wage theft is all around us – some estimates say billions of dollars a year unpaid – falling hardest on the most vulnerable, particularly black workers. However, what is wrong can be made right. […] Read More

Work can be virtuous or lead to a life of dysfunction. It’s important to keep your work in proper perspective. One way to do that is by understanding what place God wants to play in your work. […] Read More

There are costs for the goods we consume beyond what we pay at checkout. The hidden costs not reflected in the price tag on clothing items we purchase – including working conditions, wages, treatment of workers and environmental impacts – are explored in the fifth edition of Baptist World Aid Australia’s (BWAA) annual ethical fashion […] Read More

The Christmas season is here, so we’re shopping. Appeals for door-buster deals are everywhere. Bright lights and happy music draw us in with cheerful promises of abundant gifts at low prices. It’s all good, when it’s all good for everyone. But what about when it isn’t? America is still a young, capitalist society when it […] Read More

You’re a nice person and a good Christian. You read a verse like James 5:1-6 condemning those who “failed to pay workers” while living in “luxury and self-indulgence” and breathe a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness I’ve never exploited workers who didn’t receive payment or any of that other stuff,” you think. You know horrible […] Read More

What is the cost of clothing? Not simply, what is the price paid at the register, but what is the human cost to produce them? What is “the story behind the barcode”? These questions are at the heart of a newly released Ethics Fashion Guide, now in its fourth year of publication, produced by Baptist […] Read More

Female representation in religious occupations is a story of contrasts – a consistent minority in clergy positions but a consistent majority in other religious roles. Females made up around 47 percent of the U.S. workforce in 2016 and more than half (56.8 percent) of all U.S. women worked outside the home, according to the U.S. […] Read More