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Labor Day

Labor Day – what a novel and paradoxical concept, at least the way many Americans think about it. The day, the first Monday in September, has ambiguous origins. The rationale for the day was that the American worker needed to be honored for the economic and cultural achievements brought in by the national labor movement […] Read More

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a Labor Day letter focused on the challenges facing American workers and families. Labor Day will be observed on Monday, Sept. 5, this year. There are “deep trials in both the world of work and the state of the family,” said Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski of Miami, the letter’s […] Read More

A former employee said the company’s staff evaluation practice was “purposeful Darwinism.” Another said, “Amazon is where overachievers go to feel bad about themselves.” The leading online retailer’s workplace conditions were addressed in a New York Times expose based on interviews with more than 100 current and former employees. Leading issues included an expectation […] Read More

Emphasis on the kingdom, reign or rule of God ebbs and flows in Christian history. For example, Walter Rauschenbusch lamented in 1917 that the “individualistic theology” of his day “carefully wrapped in several napkins and forgot” the kingdom of God. A growing number of Christians now emphasize the pursuit of the common good through social […] Read More

A sermon by Randy Hyde, Pastor, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ar. September 1, 2013 1 Chronicles 15:25-28; John 6:25-34 Well, here we are, you and I, the remnant! Last week’s Centennial reunion celebration is one for the books, not to mention our congregational memory. Admittedly, today’s attendance hardly matches what we experienced a […] Read More

Walter Rauschenbusch (1861-1918) affirmed a deep relationship between his Christian faith and ordinary daily work. He was a bright student who quickly realized that seminary training (1883-86) in Bible, theology, church history and preaching did not prepare him to minister to his Baptist congregation of immigrant laborers who lived near Hell’s Kitchen in New York […] Read More

Labor Day is an often-neglected holiday in the local church. This is unfortunate as Labor Day weekend offers ministers an opportunity to discuss Christian perspectives on work. For example, church leaders could explore the biblical teachings on work and help congregants develop a “marketplace theology” in which vocations are understood as the unique ways we […] Read More

The CEOs of large American corporations made as much money in one day as the average worker earned over an entire year, according to an annual study timed for release around Labor Day. This year’s “Executive Excess” report by the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy, found top executives at 386 […] Read More

Labor Day is coming up. In the United States, as with most legally mandated Monday holidays, in the minds of most it has lost any inspirational significance and has become just another three-day weekend. In fact, its forgotten significance is buried deeper than the other Monday holidays. Many people who can tell you what Memorial […] Read More

Workers feel the American Dream is slipping away, according to a Labor Day survey commissioned by unions. A slim majority of workers, 51 percent, still believe the American Dream is attainable, according to the “American Dream Survey: Hope and Fear in Working America,” but more than a third (36 percent) either feel they cannot reach […] Read More