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Kingdom of God

Trained as a Baptist minister, Walter Rauschenbusch, consumed with a passion for social justice, thought America had made great economic strides forward but was still far behind in its moral responsibility. What would he say today? […] Read More

Although many conservative white evangelicals decry social justice, using terms like “social justice warrior” as a pejorative, it’s impossible to separate it from the Kingdom of God. Let’s explore what the Bible means by justice. […] Read More

It is often said that Jesus had more to say about money than any other subject. From his statements about wealth and possessions, to his parables about agriculture and land, to his calling his followers to invest in treasures in heaven, Jesus’ teachings are replete with the theme of wealth and possessions. We might say […] Read More

The defining characteristic of the biblical prophets was not the ability to predict the future, especially not in the Nostradamus-type way that we tend to think of it in modern times. Neither was their role primarily that of acting as the social conscience for ancient Israel, though they certainly did play this role. The defining […] Read More

One Saturday afternoon while walking downtown among crowds of tourists and Christmas shoppers, I saw and heard two conversations that caught my attention. An older couple was fussing with each other about what to do next as they came out of a store. He had a huge bag in each hand, while she pointed to […] Read More

Donald Kraybill’s book, “The Upside-Down Kingdom,” is a modern Christian classic of social ethics. Its basic thesis, well supported from Christian Scripture, is that the kingdom of God is a social order of reverse values – from popular, “common sense” values that tend to reign in everyday life outside God’s kingdom. In essence, although this […] Read More

Emphasis on the kingdom, reign or rule of God ebbs and flows in Christian history. For example, Walter Rauschenbusch lamented in 1917 that the “individualistic theology” of his day “carefully wrapped in several napkins and forgot” the kingdom of God. A growing number of Christians now emphasize the pursuit of the common good through social […] Read More

Over the years that I have spent reading the Gospels, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus was not simply a teacher of spirituality as some like to make him out to be. Nor was he some divine figure who went about Galilee healing people. He was certainly both of these, but Jesus was […] Read More

I made a grown man cry. No, I didn’t stand on his toes. Nor did I fold up a map the wrong way in front of him or bump his car with mine. All I did was tell him a story. Perhaps I should explain. I was recently at a gathering called New Wine in […] Read More

A sermon by Michael Cheuk, Pastor, University Baptist Church, Charlottesville, Va. July 13, 2014. Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 This morning’s Gospel lesson is called the Parable of the Sower.  Since I’m basically a city boy, born in Hong Kong, grew up in Shreveport, lived in Houston and Dallas/Forth Worth area, I don’t know much about farming.  […] Read More