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Baptists and Catholics aren’t always known for working together, but they united in a rural Kentucky church with a single-minded goal: Save the planet. And they learned one easy step you can take to slow down climate change. […] Read More

During seminary, around 1990, I served a Louisville, Ky., church as associate minister of music. In addition, I had some children’s ministry responsibilities that included assisting our on-the-ball children’s Sunday school department director with her annual two-day educational/fun trip for older children. One summer, the director’s itinerary included a tour of Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave. Our […] Read More

I’m not against the Bible. I’m an ordained Baptist minister, professor of biblical studies, academic dean of a theological seminary and a lifelong student of the Bible. I’m also enough of a skeptic to worry that religious fervor and political opportunism have played an inordinate role in the passage of a bill in the Kentucky […] Read More

Senate Bill 142 is making its way through the Kentucky legislature. More popularly known as the “Bible bill,” it follows the success of a Texas initiative to allow the teaching of the Bible as literature, with a special focus on tracing its influence in Western civilization through an elective course offered to high school students. […] Read More

The end of October marked a little controversy for the good people of the commonwealth of Kentucky. While sending inquiries about the possibility of someone donating the large evergreen tree used to decorate the state capitol grounds each season, as had been done in the past, the Office of the Secretary for the Finance and […] Read More

When it comes to Homeland Security, folks in Kentucky are not fooling around. Forget hiring more police officers or beefing up the resources of the National Guard. In Kentucky, the law states that in order to be safe from terrorists, it is necessary to believe in the power of Almighty God. Seriously. In 2006 state […] Read More

A woman who accused a Kentucky Baptist youth minister last year of sexually abusing her teenaged daughter now says she made the story up. According to local media Debra Johnson signed a court document Tuesday admitting that she made up the allegation that led to the December 2007 arrest of Clayton Pruett, youth minister at […] Read More

Thomas Merton, the famous author and monk, had a revelation of God at Fourth and Walnut in Louisville, so I shouldn’t be surprised to have a similar experience a few blocks away. The afternoon sun beat down on the group of 75 people huddled around the portable cross on a pole at First and Broadway […] Read More

Critics of plans by Kentucky’s school board to add secular references B.C.E. (Before Common Era) and C.E. (Common Area) to historical dating in social studies textbooks appealed at a public hearing for reversal of the decision and continuing to use only B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini, Latin for “year of our Lord”). “This […] Read More

With searing pain and blood draining from a rotten tooth, a teenager in Owensboro, Ky., was taken home by his school nurse. The tooth had to come out, but the youth had no insurance. The local dentist would not take his state medical card for an extraction, because the reimbursement is too low. It was […] Read More