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Kentucky Baptist Convention

In the calculus of evangelical theology, there are only two states of being. People are either saved or lost. Saved means they have accepted Jesus as their savior. Lost means they have not. There is no middle ground for evangelicals – no semi-saved or mostly saved. You either are or you are not. And apparently […] Read More

The Kentucky Baptist Convention newspaper has published an editorial challenging Southern Seminary President Al Mohler’s assertion that there is “no inconsistency” in the conservative seminary outsourcing its campus maintenance to a company friendly to gays. first reported March 21 that Sodexho, a large facilities-management firm which took over the seminary’s maintenance April 1, has […] Read More

Kentucky Baptists elected an identified fundamentalist as president, ending a trend in recent years of sidestepping Southern Baptist Convention controversy by choosing politically neutral leaders. Hershael York, a professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who has been a pastor of SBC-affiliated churches just seven years, won election over Rusty Ellison, pastor of Walnut Street Baptist […] Read More

A professor and pastor identified with a view that Baptist churches date in unbroken succession to Jesus’ time is running for president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. The Western Recorder reports this week that Hershael York, a preaching professor and associate dean at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, will be nominated at this year’s KBC annual […] Read More