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Keith Herron

The job of effective church leaders is to help keep down the level of anxiety in the emotional system of the congregation. Effective leaders help people manage their level of anxiety so they can accomplish their goals. […] Read More

As long as people gather and interact, emotional processes are at work. Some interactions can be inherently anxious, which will keep churches from moving forward and distract them from accomplishing their mission and purpose. […] Read More

We live in anxious times. It’s a time that’s like a toxic martini for well-defined leaders and for congregational and clergy health. During a societal regression, free-floating anxieties are often projected upon leaders. […] Read More

Anxiety invades the church like a virus. Some churches have so much anxiety they verge on being paranoid. They see everything as threatening. Others feel perfectly safe in their surroundings. How do you treat your church’s anxiety? […] Read More

It’s not always true, but healthy churches and healthy ministers tend to find one another. Congregational health and clergy health are somehow connected. How does it happen? There’s a psychological theory for that. […] Read More

Even though we exert our free will and proceed with full confidence as though we’re in charge, it also seems true that a larger hand is at work in directing us through life. As people of faith, do we see God’s presence in our lives? […] Read More

With certain state Baptist conventions rushing to exclude people, gay church members are forced to live a lie about their sexual orientation in order for the church to accept them. Others just walk away. There’s no safe harbor. […] Read More

The church has entered an era when difficult conversations are more important than ever. In our polarized society, it’s vital for the church to come together for dialogue, listen to each other and seek the middle ground. […] Read More

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another. The term is most often used to describe either a solar eclipse (when the moon’s shadow crosses Earth’s surface) or a lunar eclipse (when the moon moves into the shadow of Earth). Everyone in the […] Read More

The season of Lent, which begins next Wednesday, comprises the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter. In Lent, we take our cues from Jesus who denied himself as a spiritual exercise, denying himself of what he had in abundance in order to discover just how much he had in reserve. This is an austere […] Read More