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Karl Rove

Texans are revising history – Jamestown colonists were socialists; Thomas Jefferson is less important than Phyllis Schlafly; America’s founding fathers were Christians without a commitment to the separation of church and state; no Hispanics fought in the Alamo for independence; the Bush administration never said Iraqi oil would pay for the war; and Ken Starr […] Read More

Karl Rove, credited as the architect of President Bush’s successful political strategy of cultivating the evangelical right, used the occasion of his White House resignation to deny circulating reports that he is an unbeliever and spark a war of words with fellow Texan Bill Moyers. “Karl Rove figured out a long time ago that the […] Read More

When did President Bush learn that Karl Rove, his senior adviser, leaked intelligence information to at least one reporter about the identity of a CIA agent in July 2003? Did Bush ask Rove two years ago, when Rove’s name first surfaced with the leak, if he had disclosed confidential information only available to those with […] Read More