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Just War Theory

Three Christian peace activists held hostage 118 days after abduction late last year in Iraq say they forgive their captives and have no desire to see them punished. “We unconditionally forgive our captors for abducting and holding us. We have no desire to punish them,” 74-year-old Norman Kember, a British Baptist, and two Canadians, James […] Read More

President Bush gave a stunning disclaimer when asked Sunday on “ABC’s This Week” to explain the difference between “stay the course” and “cut and run” in the war in Iraq. “We’ve never been stay the course, George!” Bush said to interviewer George Stephanopoulos. That doesn’t jibe with comments Bush made as recently as Friday. Speaking […] Read More

While Hezbollah’s kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers was unwarranted, Israel’s weeks of disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks in Lebanon are morally unacceptable from the time-honored vantage point of just war theory. Unfortunately, America’s reflexive Israel-can-do-no-wrong camp immediate leaps in a variety of directions at such an observation, all of which rationalize state-sponsored violence as righteous. One […] Read More

President Bush switched arguments again for why the American people should support a war against Iraq. His newest pitch is democracy. Speaking at the conservative American Enterprise Institute last week, Bush said replacing Saddam Hussein and rebuilding Iraq after the war would inspire democracy in the Middle East. “The nation of Iraq … is fully […] Read More

President Bush is out of step with the leadership of the American religious community in his rush to war with Iraq. Despite having made faith-based initiatives a key component to his domestic policy and being the most overtly religious president in over 20 years, Bush appears deaf to the multiplying voices of wisdom within the […] Read More

Jim Wallis was factually wrong but perceptually right when he wrote that only Southern Baptists favor war against Iraq. Writing in Sojourner’s e-newsletter, Wallis said, “Except for the Southern Baptists, virtually every church body in the U.S. that has spoken on the war question has concluded this would not be a ‘just war.'” Factually, Southern […] Read More

President Bush sought last night to increase public backing for a U.S.-led war against Iraq, hoping to build support for congressional resolutions authorizing the use of military force and to obtain a legitimizing United Nation’s Security Council resolution. Speaking to a politely cheering crowd in Cincinnati, Bush’s speech ran almost 30 minutes, longer than the […] Read More

Remember these days; history certainly won’t forget them. Decisions framed in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Washington will shape global politics and international relations for decades. The Bush administration has said Iraq’s Hussein regime must go. Our nation no doubt holds the power to bring about Saddam Hussein’s demise. However, we do not […] Read More

Momentum seems to be building for a war with Iraq. The Bush Administration has been strategically leaking information for some time now. These leaks serve several purposes, one of which is to measure public opinion about the idea. Administration officials are anxious to know what questions a war with Iraq is likely to provoke. What […] Read More

Speaking to a joint meeting of Congress, President Bush forcefully presented a case for a war against terrorism. His gaze was compelling. His voice was strong. His speech was clear with moments that represented the best of the American tradition. Bush ascended to the top of the moral mountain when he said the United States […] Read More