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A challenging and potentially transformative command to enact an economic Sabbath is found in Deuteronomy 15:1-11. Every seven years, Hebrew creditors were to release the remaining debt of the loans given during the previous six years. Debt was the ultimate source of poverty then as it is now, so this was a year when poverty […] Read More

I grew up in an era when the threat of nuclear attack was real. The peace of the world existed in a tension that was known as MAD – mutually assured destruction. In other words, we would not blow up another country because we knew that they would blow us up in return – the […] Read More

At the start of her Jubilee year, the Queen of England said to a meeting of faith leaders “the concept of a Jubilee is rooted in the Bible.” She failed to mention that a biblical jubilee has nothing to do with celebrating a monarch’s reign, but was a time when debts were canceled, slaves freed, […] Read More

We Need Jubilee

We must remember and care for our fellow travelers on this beautiful planet and treat them not as competitors, but as if they were Jesus who said that he could be found among the little ones. Proclaiming with Jesus the year of Jubilee is our only hope for restoration. The Spirit of the Lord is […] Read More

Alabama’s Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has launched a “Let Justice Roll Down” initiative to bring a goodwill Baptist public witness to bear on issues like racism, poverty, equality of women, education and constitutional reform. Kicked off at last month’s Alabama CBF spring meeting, the campaign draws from the admonition of the Old Testament prophet Amos to […] Read More

When Abbie Hoffman and his “Yippies” did it 35 years ago, they did it inside. Stock brokers and activists alike will remember the scene from the New York Stock Exchange in 1967, dollar bills floating to the trading floor and traders scrambling to grab them. Hoffman called it a “money drop.” When a group of […] Read More