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With the Advent wreath in storage and the Christmas tree recycled, Epiphany Sunday urges us to abandon the old road of fear, suspicion and exclusion. If our celebrations are more than ritual, we must find another road. […] Read More

Instead of filling your schedules with one commitment and celebration after another, listen to that still, small voice inviting you to hold on to the joy of the moment during this season of hope and expectation. […] Read More

When you concentrate your focus on giving the gift of joy, fully allowing yourself to participate in the celebration of what God is doing in other people’s lives, you find joy yourself. […] Read More

In the company of purple and white candles, the pink candle of joy in the Advent wreath appears to be blushing. It’s a contrast to our culture, which seems to have lost the ability to blush. […] Read More

Alluring store displays pop up this holiday season to tempt us with things we think we need to give us joy. The Divine mystery, however, offers a joy that’s present even amid suffering and grief. […] Read More

I got off the plane in Tokyo looking for a quiet place. I had been in the air for seven hours, and I knew that the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians had played the seventh game of the World Series during my flight. I did not know if this was going to be good news […] Read More

I enjoy Christmas – always have. Every year I look forward to: Children’s pageants, complete with Burger King crowns for wise men, bath-robed shepherds and aluminum foil-wings for angels Misty-eyed singing of “Silent Night” in the glow of candlelight Watching George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge and Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, the Grinch’s stealing […] Read More

Happiness is central to historical Christian faith and practice. But what does it look like and how should it be experienced? There are at least three common headings under which joy or happiness are often considered: 1. The experience of pleasures or delights, whether carnal or intellectual, aesthetic or appetitive. 2. “Eudaimonia,” the term Aristotle […] Read More

I have often enjoyed reading social critics, as diverse as Leo Tolstoy and Reinhold Niebuhr, and even one of the greatest of modern haters of Christians, Friedrich Nietzsche, whom I first started reading as an undergraduate many years ago. There is a discomfiting ring of truth in Nietzsche’s insistence that Christianity appears to be a […] Read More

A sermon by Randy Hyde, Pastor, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ar. June 8, 2014 Pentecost Sunday Psalm 104:24-34; John 20:19-23 There is a tiny island off the western coast of Scotland, nestled in a region known as the Outer Hebrides, that is called Iona. It is only about a mile wide and perhaps […] Read More