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John McCain

Sen. John McCain, who died Aug. 25, modeled extraordinary courage as a prisoner of war, a presidential candidate and in the face of his own death, which should inspire the admiration and respect of all Americans. […] Read More

The anti-Sharia crowd is “crazy,” according to New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, who has been criticized for naming Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim attorney, to the state’s superior court. “Sharia law has nothing to do with this at all. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. The guy’s an American citizen who has been an admitted lawyer to […] Read More

U.S. Senator John McCain, who has had problems winning over religious conservatives in his run for the GOP presidential nomination, showed up Tuesday at a meeting of Christian Zionists to declare himself a Christian and “proudly pro-Israel.” McCain, an Episcopalian who when at home in Arizona attends North Phoenix Baptist Church, has sought recently to […] Read More

Presidential candidate John McCain invites readers on his Web site to create a bracket picking winners in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and compare their picks to his own. Four years ago the Republican senator from Arizona advocated a clear message that gambling on amateur athletics is wrong. “Get started to create your own bracket […] Read More

Sen. John McCain has reportedly chosen the man behind the infamous “bimbo” ad–criticized as race-baiting in the recent Tennessee Senate race–to be his campaign manager if he decides to run for president. Media outlets including the Washington Post reported that McCain’s exploratory committee planned to announce selection of Terry Nelson to oversee his campaign, if […] Read More

Sen. John McCain called for greater respect amid political differences in a symbolic commencement address Saturday at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Six years ago, while running for president against George W. Bush, McCain called Falwell and evangelist Pat Robertson “agents of intolerance” who exercised an “evil influence” in the Republican Party. Now laying groundwork for […] Read More

According to Republican Senator John McCain, who chairs the Science, Commerce and Transportation Committee: “The United States government is responsible for 25 percent of the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. It is time for the United States government to do its part to address this global problem, and a discussion of mandatory reductions is the form […] Read More

“No excuse for inaction on this issue is acceptable … National leadership on this critical issue is long overdue.” Sen. John McCain made this statement recently at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing he convened as chairman. What was the senator talking about? (a.) Campaign finance reform. (b.) Taking on big tobacco. (c.) Congressional pork-barrel projects […] Read More