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John M. Finley

Alabama Gov. Bob Riley’s $1.2 billion tax proposal, designed to improve the state’s educational system and to shift tax burdens away from the poor, was soundly defeated last month by a large majority of Alabama voters. Even more surprising to some was how the Republican governor, a born-again Christian, could have become such a bold […] Read More

There are many persons of goodwill who continue the important work of mutual understanding and cooperation, but more than any other factor, it was Vatican Council II that opened the door to ecumenical and interfaith dialogue. If you want to thank someone, thank a Roman Catholic. For the better part of 400 years, Baptists and […] Read More

Nineteenth century Southern Baptists debated many issues–missions, the church, slavery, even Baptist history–yet simple biblical faith helped them avoid heated confrontations over the Bible which would come in the 20th century. When the agenda changed, however, the Book of Genesis was often at the center of the controversy. Charles Darwin’s theories on natural selection alongside […] Read More