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WASHINGTON (RNS) Dozens of religious and civil rights organizations challenged President Obama to fulfill a campaign promise to end religious discrimination in federally funded jobs. “Mr. President, we have been patiently waiting,” said the open letter sent on Monday (Sept. 19). “If you have reversed your policy position on the issue of government-funded religious discrimination, […] Read More

NEWARK, N.J. (RNS) It’s tough enough finding a job in this economy, but for Kerry Sifford, a trained security guard and graphic designer who was arrested years ago on a minor offense, it has been nearly impossible. Sifford served a week in county jail in 2001 for shooting a man in the leg with a […] Read More

On the Saturday before the G20 summit, tens of thousands of us marched through London calling for action to protect and restore jobs, tackle global poverty, and maintain a habitable climate for all humanity. The Sunday after, many of us waved palm branches remembering those 2,000 years ago who hoped to herald in a political […] Read More

Faced with a tough job market and concerns about age discrimination, some older job seekers are attempting to hide their age from prospective employers. Everything from omitting dates from one’s resume to coloring one’s hair, or even getting plastic surgery all might offer older job hunters a competitive edge, according to a story on the […] Read More

Nearly one in five Americans, or 18 percent, was laid off during the 2000-2003 recession, according to a new study. And not only are workers losing their jobs, but their employers are not providing them with adequate resources in the in-between times. Two-thirds of workers laid off in the last three years received no severance […] Read More

Those short-sighted people prospering from the abuse of our rural places and peoples are not listening. And they have the ears of our governments. Young men and women from the rural South, Baptist young folk, will be much more highly represented in terms of percentages, if not real numbers, than any other segment of the […] Read More