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Jim Evans

It has been the blessing of my life to have encountered some wonderful teachers. I was not very successful with my algebra teachers, but that was more my problem than theirs. But with literature and history and theology, I have been blessed. None was more significant to me than Dr. W.C. Dobbs. Dr. Dobbs was […] Read More

Editor’s note: Columnist Jim Evans says, “I often get requests for repeats of columns I have written in the past. None is more requested than this one.” One Sunday morning in my first pastorate, I noticed the lead usher rummaging through the collection plate during the offering. He was taking what looked like money out […] Read More

One of the things that burdens me as a minister and as a Christian is the disdain that so many believers have about the poor in our world. There is a pervasive mythology that people are poor because they want to be. They are lazy and listless; they spend their money on drugs and alcohol […] Read More

How do we celebrate Independence Day as Christians? As Americans, it’s hard not to go to July 4th. But as Christians, isn’t our real independence day Easter? Isn’t that the day we find freedom from sin, guilt and failure? Here’s the dilemma for U.S. Christians. We read our biblical story into our national story. We […] Read More

One of the most popular TV series in recent years has been a weekly foray into the world of witness protection. The series, “In Plain Sight,” chronicles the efforts of U.S. marshals trying to protect witnesses of major crimes from retribution. They hide them by changing their names and relocating them to new communities. I […] Read More

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Around the country children of all ages will be celebrating their dads. With all my children grown, it has become a particularly enjoyable day for me. When they were little, I would get weird pancakes, half-cooked bacon and partially brewed coffee. Now, I get treated to a nice restaurant. Father’s […] Read More

I love to tease my classically trained minister of music that if he does my memorial service, I want the Beatles song “Let It Be” to be used as the central anthem. I also regularly aggravate him by suggesting that the same song should be in our hymnal. Obviously, the song is not hymn quality, […] Read More

In 1970, evangelical author Hal Lindsey penned a book that became a staple of Christian end-time table talk. The title said it all: “The Late Great Planet Earth.” In this book, Lindsey laid out the now all-too-familiar scheme of end-time paranoia, which includes the rise of one-world government, the appearance of the anti-Christ, the isolation […] Read More

In 1981, Langdon Gilkey, professor of theology at the University of Chicago Divinity School, found himself embroiled in a church/state battle in Arkansas that would eventually be known as McLean v. the Arkansas Board of Education. The case was the result of a suit filed in response to the Arkansas legislature mandating that creationism be […] Read More

When I was about 4, my grandfather took me fishing. He had a secret fishing hole that was a backwater off Murder Creek in East Brewton. Remind me to tell you the story sometime of how Murder Creek got its name. The pond was inaccessible by car. We had to park on the main highway […] Read More